Announcing the Operating table Y

We are excited to introduce the Operating table Y, a new addition to our product portfolio. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern healthcare facilities.


The OR Table Y is the ultimate solution for operating rooms in which diverse surgical procedures are performed. Its stable base provides a secure and highly flexible platform, while its exceptional mobility ensures effortless patient transport. During times when cost-pressures are rising, the table represents the equipment that is reliable and meets a broader spectrum of needs.

Tailored Ergonomics

The OR Table Y enhances workplace ergonomics, flexibility, and safety. Its smart base design maximizes space for the surgical team, allowing optimal clinical access to the patient. The wide height adjustment range meets the ergonomic needs of every surgeon, minimizing strain and fatigue.


Optimized Procedural Flexibility

The universal OR Table Y contributes to overall OR efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With intuitive all-electric operation, memory function, flexible platform and lateral tilt, patient positioning is precise and effortless. It supports various configurations, including prone, supine, Anti/Trendelenburg, lithotomy, and lateral positions for a wide range of surgical procedures.

More than just equipment

Operating table Y is a result of our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of healthcare professionals. It is not merely a piece of equipment, it is a commitment to improving patient outcomes and supporting the efficiency of surgical teams. Explore new possibilities with the OR Table Y!

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