At 41st Franja Marathon

This year’s Franja Marathon, the biggest cycling event for amateur cyclists in Slovenia, could finally take place without any restrictions and of course our team of cyclists joined it too.

Marathon Franja at full throttle

After two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, the Franja Marathon could once again gather a large crowd of cyclists, from the youngest at saturday’s 1.5 km children’s marathon and 21 km family-school marathon, more demanding cyclists at the 72 km Barjanka cycling experience, the 97 km Triglav small marathon and to the best at the 156 km BTC City Franja Marathon.

Novak M team

This year, Novak M team consisted of six cycling fans from among our employees and their family members. Four of them took part in the small Franja Marathon, which in numbers means 97 km and 700 vertical meters. “It’s a special feeling when you ride together with lots of other cyclists. You ride faster than usual, right in the middle of the road and you don’t have to worry about other traffic because there is none😉. Of course, it’s always interesting to test your performance, and the adrenaline rush of competing is an extra motivation,” they told us. The bravest two of the riders joined the family marathon😉.

At the finish line

We waited for our cyclists at the finish line, who were really excited despite some tiredness. “For me, the Franja Marathon is like the highlight of my cycling season, because the feeling of being among so many cyclists riding in a group all over the road at once is phenomenal. The atmosphere really pushed me to try and give my all. It was really amazing!” Jaka was thrilled. Congratulations to all our riders!

For a healthy mind in a healthy body

We all know how beneficial exercise, especially exercise in the fresh air, can be for our health. That’s why we encourage you to take time and spend it outside in the coming summer days, be it on foot or on your bike.

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