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New modern equipment at Dermatology Clinic Zürich, Switzerland

The Novak M Swiss sales team equipped a new Dermatology Clinic Zürich, Switzerland.

Together with you for 40 years | Novak M (part 6)

Novak M established a company Novak M Swiss in Switzerland in May 2009.

Novak M products in the new Massage studio Sevnica

Novak M team equipped the premises of the new Massage studio Sevnica in Sevnica, Slovenia.

Novak M team at two 10km runs

Novak M is again feeling sporty – this time our running team shines

Novak M at Marathon Franja Btc City 2019 🚴 🚴 🚴

Novak M team never misses the Marathon Franja BTC City!

Nangoma, Zambia| Novak M

Novak M donates to support a group of medical students volunteering in Nangoma Mission Hospital, Zambia.

Novak M products at Medicol, Switzerland

Examination tables SL and medicines stools support specialists at their work at Medicol, Switzerland.

Together with you for 40 years | Novak M (part 5)

Two of Novak M’s products won the Red Dot design award. It confirmed that industrial design is an important part in development and production of medical equipment.

Novak M at two congresses in Germany

The beginning of May is quite busy for our team as we are presenting our products at two events in Germany. One of them actually ended yesterday and one is still ahead.

Together with you for 40 years | Novak M (part 4)

“The world of medicine meets at Medica.” Novak M has been part of this international event since 2005.

Novak M products at One day surgery, Switzerland | Novak M

Our Novak M Swiss sales team equipped a new medico-surgical center One Day Surgery in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Physiotherapist Manca Marc Globevnik is excited about Novak M products

Therapy table S plus offers full support to the work of physiotherapist Manca Marc Globevnik and perfect comfort to her patients.

Together with you for 40 years | Novak M (Part 3)

Novak M realizes it cannot succeed without embracing new technology.

Dr. Francesco Pattella's new practice in Switzerland | Novak M

Examination table SL, medicine stools and Therapy table S3 ensure best medical care of dr. Francesco Pattello's patients in his practice in Losone, Switzerland.

Together with you for 40 years - 2nd part | Novak M

Already as Kovinska galanterija Novak, our company grew in awareness that following the needs of medical personnel and patients and building our own brand is the key to success.

Massage tables Novak M in Gordana Bučar's new beauty salon

Gordana Bučar equipped her new beauty salon in Ljubljana with Novak M products as she uses only top brands for her clients.

Together with you for 40 years | Novak M

Novak M, a Slovenian family business with an entire focus on the global market will record its 40ieth anniversary already – 40 years of development, production and sales of industrially designed medical products of top quality

Novak M products at Summit Clinic, Switzerland

Examination table SL along with medicine stool and Therapy chair N help offer an exceptional treatment to patient at Summit Clinic in Crans Montana.

Joyful and prosperous New Year 2019

Novak M wishes you a peaceful holiday season and all the best in New Year 2019!

New Year's activities and gathering of Novak M team

Novak M employees from Slovenia and Switzerland rounded up another successful business year with positive energy.

Novak M products at Massage Center of therapist Maja Debeljak

Massage table SL with elongated head section offers a perfect support to therapist Maja Debeljak, as well as comfortable and relaxed therapy to her patients.

Product spotlight – Therapy chair ZeroG | Novak M

Therapy chair ZeroG for long-lasting therapies is so comfortable that one can feel like floating on a soft, fluffy cloud.

Sales and technical training of business partners | Novak M

Meeting of sales specialists from TBM Medizintechnik, Medifix and SaVia Medical at the Novak M company’s premises in Komenda.


Join us at MEDICA Trade Fair in Düsseldorf – Hall 14, Booth C26.

Novak M at Volkswagen 23rd Ljubljana marathon

Novak M team maintains a healthy lifestyle by participating at Volkswagen 23rd Ljubljana marathon.

IFAS 2018

Welcome to trade fair for healthcare market at the Zurich Exhibition Center from 23rd to 26th of October.

NEW: Day hospital chair ZeroG – 2 in 1 chair | Novak M

Novak M introduces a new Day hospital chair ZeroG – a perfect solution to prepare a patient for surgery, their safe transport around the clinic and comfortable recovery after surgery.

Product spotlight: Stretcher X | Novak M

Stretcher X, that received the prestigious Red Dot Award 2017 for excellent design, is the best solution for faster admission, easier transport and more efficient X-ray examinations of emergency patients.

Massage table S at the new premises of therapist Andrej Blatnik | Novak M

Superior stability of Massage table S allows Andrej Blatnik carefree, efficient and quicker work with patients.

Cardiology office dr. Stéphane Chevallier, Switzerland | Novak M

The medical staff at cardiology office Yverdon-les-Bains treat their patients on Examination table S, designed for different general examinations and on Blood sample chair N for easy and safe use during laboratory procedures.

Product spotlight: Day surgery | NovakM

Therapy table S8 luxury OP is excellent for clinics and hospitals that do not require an overnight stay. It’s a perfect choice for professionals who perform small operations and other outpatient procedures.

Product Spotlight: Bobath | Novak M

Bobath techniques require a suitably wide treatment surface with a safe and capable lifting capacity for both patient and therapist. The Novak M Bobath S has more than achieved both aforementioned characteristics.

Relaxation and comfort at the Reflexotherapy Rokanoga salon | Novak M

Relieve back pain on a high-quality Therapy table S8 at the renewed Reflexotherapy Rokanoga salon.

Summer deal Novak M: Rewarding loyalty

Recommend Novak M products to your friends and get yourself a refreshing summer package.

Marathon Franja BTC City 2018 | Novak M

Cyclists of the Novak M team successfully finished the 37th Marathon Franja BTC City.

Product Spotlight: Therapy tables | Novak M

Therapy tables by Novak M are exceptionally stabile, made of outstanding materials and extremely comfortable during treatment sessions. They are an indispensable choice for successful, efficient and safe professional work.

Therapy chairs ZeroG at dr. med. Astrid Kohl, Germany | Novak M

Therapy chairs ZeroG for longer therapy sessions are being used at Practice Dr. med. Astrid Kohl in Germany.

Spring Holidays | Novak M

Between 27th of April and 2nd of May 2018 Novak M office will be closed.

Product Spotlight: Gynaecology | Novak M

Innovative solutions and carefully designed essential features of Novak M gynaecology chairs and tables shorten the time to prepare for examination. Simple adjustments allow specialists to perform their work professionally and with ease.

Bwama, Uganda

In the beginning of the year, a group of four young doctors went on humanitarian – medical expedition to Uganda.

Novak M at various medical fairs in Europe

For the past weeks Novak M team was quite busy with presenting our products to decision makers in the healthcare industry at various medical fairs.

Easter greetings

Wishing you peace, love and happiness.

Product Spotlight: Massage tables

S line massage tables are distinguished by exceptional stability, outstanding materials and superior comfort for you and your clients. They are an indispensable choice for successful, efficient and safe professional work.

Examination table S3 at family practice Kalamed

Family practice Kalamed d.o.o. in Velenje is richer for Examination table S3, which will help conduct general exams more quickly and efficiently.

Product Spotlight: Examination tables

S line examination tables have almost 10-year long tradition of being the best choice for general examinations according to the users. Not only did we get the Red Dot award in 2009 for the superior design, they are also indispensable equipment for every general practitioner.

Quadrimed Medical Congress

Novak M products were presented at the Quadrimed Medical Congress in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

How to properly clean and care for the upholstery of your therapy table?

To extend your therapy table’s useful life, you need to take care of its upholstery regularly and properly.

Renovated Medical center Ljubljana – MCL

The renewed rooms of Medical center Ljubljana – MCL were equipped with Novak M products to make the user experience of specialists and patients friendlier.

New Year's gathering of Novak M team

Novak M employees from Slovenia, Switzerland and Germany completed another successful business year with positive energy.

Joyful and prosperous 2018

Wishing you a joyous holiday season with peace and cheer in the New Year 2018!

Novak M in BioSanum Private Clinic / Nuremberg

Our German sales team Novak M Deutschland GmbH has equipped the BioSanum private clinic in Nuremberg with Therapy chairs ZeroG.

Therapy chair ZeroG at the Department of Gastroenterology

The first round of the most comfortable therapy chair in the world, Therapy chair ZeroG, has already been delivered to UKC Ljubljana in the Department of Gastroenterology.

Medica 2017

Make sure you stop by our Stand C26 at MEDICA Trade fair in Düsseldorf.

Together at Volkswagen 22nd Ljubljana marathon

Novak M team tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle also by participating at Volkswagen 22nd Ljubljana marathon.

ZeroG – where time flies!

Novak M introduces a new Therapy chair ZeroG for extended therapy sessions, where one can feel like floating on a fluffy cloud.

Renewed St. Elisabeth clinic in Ravensburg

Together with our German sales team, Novak M Deutschland GmbH, we equipped the new, modern clinic St. Elisabeth in Ravensburg.

Neuromed Zürich

The medical staff in Neuromed Zürich treats the patients on Examination table S3, where they can place them into sitting position and perform their work more professionally.

Sales and marketing meeting in Switzerland

The sales and marketing team organized their meeting in Dietikon, Switzerland.

NEW! Gynaecology chair N is compatible with ZEISS colposcopes

We are pleased to present you the novelty of our Gynaecology Chairs N – compatibility with the excellent ZEISS colposcopes, which brings even more accurate and faster gynaecological examinations.

Red Dot Gala 2017

Official celebration for getting a Red Dot Design Award 2017 has taken place on Monday, 3 of July in Essen, Germany.

We cycled the famous Marathon Franja BTC City 2017

Not only do we take care of our health by running, but we are very persistent cyclists as well.

Stretcher X in private practices in Switzerland

Emergency trolley Stretcher X was sent to Dr. Martin Toniolo’s private practice within The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group.

How to ensure a long life for your massage or therapy table?

As a therapist, you need to make sure you know how to take good care of your therapy equipment. Especially your table.

Prevent your own pain, then treat others

It’s hard for therapists to give a great treatment if they have their own aches and feel exhausted.

Every second counts

Stretcher X helps save lives in Swiss Klinik Arlesheim.

Switch off the stress response with Bowen therapy

You can decrease stress at work and during your daily chores by moving and staying fit. Occasional relaxing therapies can do wonders to your body as well.

Stretcher X wins Red Dot for high quality design

Novak M team has been awarded the Prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Again!

Arab Health 2017

Visit us at international medical trade fair Arab Health in Dubai.

Happy and prosperous 2017

All the best in 2017.

Together Everyone Achieves More

Team building and New Year's celebration


Come visit us at Medica 2016

Novak M at Volkswagen 21st Ljubljana Marathon

Novak M at Volkswagen 21st Ljubljana Marathon

When saving lives, seconds count

Knowing that time is crucial in an Emergency Department we have developed a new stretcher to help you work faster and much more efficiently.

Novak M in Fortius Clinic / London

Novak M is a proud provider of medical furniture for the Fortius Clinic, an orthopaedic and sports injury clinic, at King William Street, London.

C Line by Novak M

Our company is proud to present you a superior and accessible C Line treatment tables. Two-section version (TMC) –or three-section version (TMC3) –is the right choice for all who trust in the quality of Novak M products.

Arab Health Dubai

Novak M exhibiting at the international medical trade fair Arab Health in Dubai.

Medica Fair 2015

Welcome on our stand in Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf.

Do you know us?

We are glad to present you a new video about our company.

Opening of a new hospital Duna Medical Center in Budapest

The hospital DMC was equipped with Novak M tables.

Matanga, Madagascar

In the beginning of this year a Novak M Gynaecological examination table arrived to a Slovene mission on Madagascar.

Novak M therapy table at the Nežka Poljanšek salon (Sunny studio)

A renowned Slovene physiotherapist Nežka Poljanšek, who is also known for taking care of physical well-being of the best Slovene skier Tina Maze, ...

Sales and technical training of German sales representatives at the company Novak M

On 23 and 24 April Novak M hosted German business partners at the company’s new premises in Komenda.

Change of official address

Please note that company Novak M has changed location...

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