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Marathon Franja BTC City 2018 | Novak M

It’s not a secret that the Novak M team regularly participates in various sporting events. Despite the hard-working spirit, we know how to have fun and at the same time we know how to take an excellent care of our health.

If last year’s competitors struggled with bad weather, they faced extreme heat this time. No weather condition can stop these guys, as they successfully cycled either the small marathon Franja (97 km) or the large marathon Franja (156 km). Even though they compete among themselves, we must not forget that every marathon is also a team work. As said by the official announcers as well: “Take care of yourself and each other.”

Congratulations to all participants and may there be more personal challenges in the future.

Novak M - always the first in line. 

Novak M - always in excellent mood.

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