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Massage table S at the new premises of therapist Andrej Blatnik | Novak M

Recently we helped equip yet another premises, where massages and therapies will be performed by therapist Andrej Blatnik. The former student of Higeja school for masseurs and therapists decided on minimalistic look of his office, so we considered his whishes when we designed Novak M equipment. Superior stability of Massage table S enables the use of full body weight to a therapist during work. Solid rubber feet and a strong construction additionally assure, that despite stronger pressure applied by therapist, the table will not move or bend.

»The quality of Novak M products definitely played a part in my decision to buy. I worked with Massage table S when I was attending Higeja school. Tables there have been in use for several years now. And although many generations of students passed their training, these tables remain undamaged and very useful,« said Andrej after the delivery to his facility.

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