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Novak M products at Massage Center of therapist Maja Debeljak

At Massage Center of Healthy Backbone in Medvode, Slovenia, the therapists are specialized in dealing with physical therapy treatment of patients with spine-related conditions. The owner, Maja Debeljak chose Novak M products for the renovated premises. Superior stability of Massage table SL enables her the use of full body weight during work. Solid rubber feet and a strong construction additionally assure, that despite stronger pressure, the table will not move or bend.

At the therapist’s request the table was made with stitched padding which offers comfort over whole lying surface. The relaxation and well-being of the patient is number one priority at the Massage Center. Therefore, they purchased a soft Face Cushion that we offer among many different complementary products. While lying on the table, the cushion gently supports patient’s face, helps prevent creases on the skin and increases relaxation and comfort during therapy.

Do you wish to have the perfect equipment at your facility as well? Browse through the latest Catalog for physiotherapy and rehabilitation and contact us. You can also plan your visit to our showroom. Novak M team will gladly advise you on the right products.

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