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Product Spotlight: Bobath | Novak M

Stability and functionality of therapy tables are essential for efficient, successful and safe professional work. For this, Novak M never makes compromises. Stability is especially important for rehabilitation, when the table is also burdened with therapist’s weight.

Bobath S was designed for rehabilitation purposes. During treatments, the table stands firmly on rubber feet, while its weight capacity is up to 240 kg. Due to these, despite stronger pressures applied by the therapist, the table will not move or bend. Compared to the other therapy tables in our product portfolio, the table’s width is either 100 or 120 cm. The height can be electrically adjusted by circular switch from all sides of the table, leaving your hands free.

The thicker, seamless padding offers a more comfortable positioning for your patients. At the same time, it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned. You can choose among more than 40 different colors of the upholstery, made from top quality water- and fire-resistant imitation leather, so that your table will completely blend in with your work space. We strongly recommend thorough and regular cleaning of padding to prevent cracked leather.

For additional information, you can read through Product catalog for physiotherapy and rehabilitation or contact us on official website. We will gladly help you solve your problems.

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