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Product spotlight: Day surgery | NovakM

For the same-day outpatient procedures and minor surgeries specialists have many different requirements. “We want our patients to be completely impressed by the aesthetic ambiance when they come for the first visit to the clinic. The first impression increases their trust in our specialists. Novak M top-notch medical equipment is extremely functional and has an exceptional design,” said a plastic surgeon Christian P., when they equipped the premises of their clinic.

Therapy table S8 luxury OP

Perfectly equipped Therapy table S8 luxury OP is excellent for minor surgeries and different ambulatory procedures, such as arthroscopy, dermatology or plastic surgery.

All four table sections are electrically adjustable with a hand switch, offering different pre-saved positioning. The table can be set into completely flat position or you can add any two favorable positions due to the innovative memory function. The height can be regulated anytime during surgeries by serial circular switch from all sides of the table, leaving your hands free and clean. Easy adjustments of the table and flexible armrests allow you to place the patient into comfortable and completely symmetrical position. Narrow head section with oval breathing hole and slender base of the table enable easy access to a patient during surgery.

The table is suitable for different patients due to the weight capacity up to 240 kg. It also has an additional battery backup in case of power failure.

The advantage of the therapy table is durable and extremely comfortable upholstery of top quality, that is easy to clean and maintain. It is made of antistatic imitation leather, which only comes in black color. Instead of this serial antistatic padding you can choose as an option some other color of the top quality, water repellent and fire-resistant imitation leather from Novak M color selection.

Due to an extremely strong table base and firm rubber feet, the table will not move or bend during the surgery. By activating the antistatic retractable castors with foot pedal, you can effortlessly move the table around the room.

Plastic surgeons are without a doubt enthusiastic about Novak M tables. “Adjusting the therapy table with my foot allows me to work without interruptions, as my hands remain free. Due to the narrow head section, it is easier to access my patient during surgery. With the help of adjustable armrests, I can place the patient in a completely symmetrical position, which is crucial in plastic surgery,” Christian emphasized.

Surgeon stool

Surgeon stool accomplishes the wide selection of products offered by Novak M for day surgeries and ambulatory procedures. Since the stool is comfortable, height adjustable, 360° rotatable, available with or without backrest, it provides a perfectly relaxed working position for medical staff.

The stool is distinguished by foot-operated pneumatic height control, which is an ideal solution, when you need free and clean hands to ensure proper hygiene during surgeries. Instead of a serial antistatic padding in black color you can choose as an option some other color of imitation leather from Novak M color selection.

Five antistatic castors with soft running surface ensure perfect stability during procedures. At the same time the stool is very mobile, so you can effortlessly move it closer to the table and perform your work professionally.

For additional information about the available you can read through Product catalog for day surgery or contact us and plan your visit to our showroom.

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