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Product spotlight: Stretcher X | Novak M

In the emergency room every second counts. We developed electric and hydraulic Stretcher X for quick and efficient action in critical situations. Medical staff can work faster and smoother when trying to save lives, due to the many innovative solutions, that make Stretcher X perfect for all emergency treatment phases – admission, transportation around the hospital and X-ray exams.

Its key advantage is innovative diagonal base that allows an optimal access for X-ray equipment from all sides and it is the main reason why moving the patients from one stretcher to another is no longer an issue. Stretcher X sets new standards in the development of life-support trolleys also for its large lying area, highly permeable to X-rays and its awarded design with Red Dot 2017. “For X-ray exams we use C-arm, which makes Stretcher X the perfect equipment for us. All the space under the trolley allows free path to the device, which speeds up and simplifies our work in emergencies,” said a Swiss specialist, dr. Martin Toniolo.

Short wheelbase enables easier pushing, turning and avoiding obstacles even through the narrowest corridors in the hospitals. Besides the standard castors with central locking system that ensure an optimal manageability, you can order the fifth wheel on request, which provides an easier management of the trolley during ride and facilitates turning on the spot. During the transport you can always lift the solid safety rails to protect the patient against falls. You can customize the stretcher with favorable accessories to serve your needs even better.

The high-quality black antistatic mattress, available in three different thicknesses, is resistant to blood, urine, fat and disinfectants to ensure proper hygiene. For more information about the accessories and cleaning instructions see out latest Catalog for emergency. You can also contact us and arrange a meeting at our showroom. Our sales team will gladly help you meet your desires.

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