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Product spotlight – Therapy chair ZeroG | Novak M

Therapy chairs ZeroG for extended therapies are distinguished by its incredible comfort and ease of use. The first-class comfort is guaranteed by the soft padding, made of high-quality foam, which prevents overheating and sweating and provides full body support for relaxed positioning during therapy. By pressing the “cloud” button on the hand switch, the patient can set the chair into Zero Gravity position, which offers additional pressure relief for the body and joints.

Let your patients easily sit through extended therapy sessions without muscle discomfort

Various smart and simple features save handling time for medical staff, as patient can adjust the chair independently any time during the therapy. To relieve the pain in the upper-body part, the patients don’t need additional cushions. They can simply put the head section into their favorable position by pulling it manually towards them. The chair can be additionally equipped with footrest that supports patients in case of cramps. The patients can adjust it themselves quickly and easily by pressing and releasing the built-in button.

Various models and diverse range of accessories for to satisfy your needs

We are committed to provide the ultimate user experience, so we make no compromises when it comes to comfort and functionality of the ZeroG chairs. There are two different models available to order, ZeroG exclusive in luxury. Both are serially equipped with push handles, extremely soft padding and castors with central locking system. Recently we improved the color of the chairs’ base. It is UV-resistant, has increased scratch resistance and dirt is less adhering to the surface, so it does not penetrate the interior. The key difference between the two models is height adjustment feature for ZeroG luxury. Due to the small footprint, both editions take very little space in a clinic. We also offer a wide range of accessories, which you can find in the latest catalog.

We cordially invite you to watch the product film. Contact us if you have additional queries and arrange a visit to our showroom, where you can also try out the ZeroG chair.

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