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Medicine stools

… for maximum comfort and relaxation while working and a perfect complience of your work place

Different types of Novak M medicine stools are extremely comfortable and widely used. Shape of stool base, height adjustment as well as color of the upholstery will satisfy the demands and needs of any customer.

Medicine stools
Novak M Medicine stools


  • extremely comfortable stool with height adjustment provides a relaxing working position
  • upholstery available in more than 40 colors
  • chrome-plated stool base
  • 360° swivel
  • five castors with a soft running surface and coated in rubber ensure perfect stability and mobility
  • also possible with rubber feet instead of castors
  • dimensions (SO,SON):
    base diameter: 54 cm
    seat diameter: 36 cm
    adjustable seat height: 4658 cm
  • dimensions (SZ, SZN):
    base diameter: 62 cm
    seat diameter: 36 cm
    adjustable seat height: 51–60 cm
  • SO (round base, without backrest)
    SON (round base, with backrest)
    SZ (star base, without backrest)
    SZN (star base, with backrest)


SO // SON // SZ // SZN

color chart

color chart
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