A pleasant holiday to all medical personnel

The summer months are upon us, full of sunshine and pleasant shade, with long warm evenings and days off. We wish all medical personnel, doctors, nurses and others a pleasant holiday.

A demanding and responsible job

It is often only when we or our loved ones fall ill or get injured that we realize how important the work of doctors, nurses, carers and other medical staff is. It is often very demanding because of the responsibility, expertise and many times long hours they spend caring for patients.

A job with a big heart

It’s not just the physical fatigue, although medical staff do spend most of their time on their feet in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, but also the weight that is brought about by the relationships with patients. Nurses are often the ones who not only care for patients, but also support and stand by them in their difficult moments. Despite the fact that this is a job, you get affected by events and people and sometimes it is not easy to carry all the weight.

Regain your strength!

We wish all healthcare workers a pleasant holiday. It doesn’t matter where, it’s important to take time and give rest to your mind and body. Be it with your family, with friends or alone, in the mountains, at the seaside or in your own garden. We wish you to breathe with full lungs again and to return to your mission, not just a job, which we believe you love to do, with regained strength and new enthusiasm.

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