Stretcher X in private practices in Switzerland

Il Centro per le malattie reumatiche ed ossee del Dott. Martin Toniolo in Svizzera, ha optato per la barella Stretcher X poiché possiede tutti i requisiti necessari alle loro necessità. Gli permette di agire più velocemente, soprattutto grazie all’ottimale accessibilità ai raggi X.

The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group is the largest medical network in Switzerland, which operates 16 hospitals. Even though each practice has its own character, they all have one common goal – to offer their patients the highest standard of medical treatment.

One of private practices within The Hirslanden Klinik is also Dr. Martin Toniolo’s Center for Rheumatic and Bone Diseases. He is an accredited doctor there and his main focus besides rheumatology and general internal medicine are also ultrasound and X-ray examinations. While trying to offer the fastest and most efficient care for their patients, they also wish to facilitate the work of their medical experts. Therefore, they strive to have the best medical equipment possible.

During X-ray examinations, they constantly work with C-arm and Stretcher X is the perfect solution for them. Impressive large open space under the bed allows access for the C-arm from any side of the trolley, which makes their work faster and much more efficient.

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