Laser treatments: Ensure ergonomics for medical staff

Laser procedures demand precision and accuracy. Ensure that the treatment table allows staff to perform their tasks comfortably and confidently.

Reliable tabletop

The primary characteristic a table needs is stability. It should remain steady and immovable during laser treatments. Novak M treatment tables boast a sturdy steel construction, with a safe working load of 250 kg.

Adjustable height

Creating an ergonomic work environment means prioritizing the health and satisfaction of your medical staff. A height-adjustable treatment table allows each practitioner to customize the height according to their physique. This reduces the risk of incorrect posture and fatigue.


Access to the client

Given the nature of laser procedures, where access to clients is necessary from all sides of the table, a circular switch for height adjustment is the ideal solution. This way, you won’t have to interrupt your work, no matter where you are performing the procedure. The slender base of the table also gives you enough leg room if you are seated.

Ensure an ergonomic work environment

Keep your staff comfortable, healthy and happy. Choose Novak M therapy tables which offer stability, height adjustability and easy client access.

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