Massage table S was the right choice says Miha Vizjak

After a few months of working on the table, physical therapist Miha Vizjak from Preddvor, Slovenia, is really excited. Massage table S is exactly what he needed: perfect stability, simple adjustments and the comfort his patients also notice.

Miha Vizjak combines his knowledge of classical and sports massage, manual physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and applied kinesiology. He has been working in preventive and therapeutic activities that bring health and well-being to his clients. He has been using the Massage table S for a few months now and describes it as one of the best investments in his professional career.

“Using your massage table has brought added value to my work. My clients have also noticed the latest novelty in my practice and they like it. But me, I love it. ? I can perform massages and treatments easier and more efficiently. My back and the whole body have been relived. I got used to the comfort quickly” ??, says the physical therapist.

Massage table S ensures perfect support for the practitioner’s work. Due to the sturdy construction and stability, the table doesn’t bend or move even if strong pressure is applied. He can easily adjust height as it is operated by a circular switch accessible from all sides of the table. It doesn’t provide comfort only for the patients due to the soft padding, but also to the practitioner as he can work at proper height. This way he protects his health and ensures his future successful work.

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