Massage tables S in Thermana Laško, Slovenia

In over 160 years, Thermana Laško has evolved into one of the most modern centres of medical and wellness tourism in Slovenia. Their top-quality services are ensured also by Novak M products.

Thermana Laško offers their guests medical and physiotherapy treatments, rehabilitation programs and a variety of unique wellness programs. They are aware that their well experienced personnel needs quality equipment to ensure quality services. Thermana Laško has been cooperating with Novak M for years. We would like to thank them for the trust they put into our products.

Massage tables in the renovated Health and Beauty Centre

The choice of Massage tables S was definitely the right one for the Health and Beauty Centre, which was renovated last year and whose premises they generously let us use for the filming of the new promotional video. The massage tables ensure practitioners excellent working conditions so they can be efficient at their tasks and at the same time their health is taken care of.

Massage tables feature electric height adjustment

Massage tables are height adjustable between 48 and 92 cm. The wide range allows practitioners to adjust height in order to customize the working conditions to suit them best. This way they will avoid the risk of pain or damage caused by bad posture.

Massage tables are perfectly stable

The tables are perfectly stable due to the standard 180 kg weight capacity and the sturdy base. Even when practitioners apply great pressure during treatment, tables do not bend or move.

Massage tables offer maximum comfort

The massage tables measure 75 cm in width providing enough space for the patients to roll over safely. The soft padded top offers perfect comfort allowing patients to relax completely. The imitation leather is first-class quality and pleasant to the touch.

Medicine stools complete the working space

In addition to massage tables, Thermana Laško purchased medicine stools too. They feature comfortable padded top, back rest and round base with small castors running smoothly. They allow the practitioners to perform treatments also seated which is often relieving.

Are you thinking about buying a massage table?

If you are equipping a massage studio or physiotherapy practice, contact us and we will gladly help you choose a table. We invite you to use our on-line configurator that allows you to customize a table by only a few clicks.


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