Nangoma, Zambia

At Novak M, we believe an obligation to act for the benefit of society is a value. This spring, we donated to a group of medical students for thier humanitarian – medical expedition to Zambia. They will spend three months volunteering in Nangoma Mission Hospital.

A group of 5 last-year students from Medical Faculty of Ljubljana are currently in Zambia. The Nangoma mission has been connected with Slovenia for more than 40 years. Slovenian missionary Stanko Rozman started the mission and with the help from his homeland he founded a school, hospital and basic infrastructure. Since 1990, Slovenian doctors and medical students have been coming almost every year to help.

They are busy every day as the hospital, where they work, is quite big. It includes a maternity ward, men, women and children departments, laboratory, radiology, an operating theatre, physiotherapy, dental care, admission and preventive unite for HIV and tuberculosis patients. Sometimes it is frustrating as they cannot help as they’d like and they know it would be possible at home. But most rewarding, they say, is when they see little boy dance as he can go home again or a man saying yes, yes,yes as they give him glasses and he can read again.

They also educate people about prevention of contagious diseases and hygiene. Their wish was also to help the hospital to pay for repairment and purchase of equipment, medications, materials and treatment of patients.

Also with a donation of Novak M, Slovenian young volunteers could organize their humanitarian – medical expedition and so some good in Zambia. We are pleased to support medical personnel in this way, too. We wish them to be successful at their work in Zambia and safely return back home.

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