Massage table in the premises of Massage studio Tanča, Slovenia

“The new massage table has brought so many changes into my working day, I can hardly believe, positive of course,” says a young and experienced masseuse, yoga teacher and Prano therapist from Železniki, Slovenia.

Tanja Čufer, the owner of the massage studio, performing classic and sport massages and a yoga teacher, has recently acquired a prano therapist certificate. Her own studio was opened last year and she purchased a new Massage table S.

Massage table with electric height adjustment

Massage table was quite an investment, says the owner, but she profits from it every single day. She sees the key advantage in the height adjustment. The electric table allows her to adjust the appropriate height for treatment for each patient as body constitutions vary. She was using a massage table with fixed height before the purchase. She suffered back and neck pain constantly as the table was too low or too high for her. She was afraid of permanent damage to her health.

Electric table features a circular switch

Due to the circular switch, she can adjust the height of massage table from all sides of the table regardless of where she stands. The switch is operated by foot, which is very handy for the masseuses as her hands stay free.

Massage table offers perfect lying surface

Massage table S features a wide and very comfortable lying surface. Tanja Čufer says that her clients notice the difference too. 6 cm thick padding upholstered in seamless imitation leather contributes to complete relaxation, which is very important for successful treatment.

Breathing hole in combination with face cushion

The owner chose a wide oblong breathing hole for the head section. In combination with the face cushion the comfort of her clients’ faces will be perfect. The cushion is made of memory foam whish completely conforms to the shapes of a face.

Are you planning to buy a massage table?

You can certainly choose a massage table according to your wishes and needs. Browse through our website and use the new table configurator we presented in the one of our former posts. Equip your table with the accessories you need and choose your color. Our sales team is available for any questions you might have or visit us personally in our showrooms in Komenda, Slovenia and Dietikon, Switzerland.

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