New Treatment table C in Šepet zdravju, Slovenia

Treatment table C in the premises of Šepet zdravju ensures perfect working conditions for the therapist to perform the Bowen therapy. Due to its simple design, high functionality and the comfort it offers to the patients, the therapist will perform her tasks easier and more effectively.

Aleksandra Kozjek is an experienced certified Bowen therapist. The Bowen technique is a gentle therapy that is applied to areas of the body, using thumbs and fingers in a specific process or order. Therapists use light, cross-fiber maneuvers of muscle, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation.

Treatment table for perfect comfort of her patients

The treatment table was chosen by the owner because it ensures perfect comfort and relaxation during treatment. 5 cm thick padding upholstered in pleasant seamless imitation leather presents a soft and comfortable lying surface for the Bowen treatment. The head section includes an elongated oval breathing hole contributes to the comfort during lying in prone position. The therapist can manually adjust the head section between the angles of -40° and +40°.

Treatment table offering comfort to the therapist as well

Treatment table C features electric height adjustment by a foot switch. On one hand, the therapist can lower the table down to 48 cm for her patients, those with impaired mobility in particular. They can access and lay down more easily. While on the other hand, the therapist adjusts the table for herself to work at the proper height. This way the therapist protects her health and takes care of her back.

Stable treatment table ensures safety at work

Treatment table is very stable and with its 180 kg weight capacity it ensures that it won’t bend or move. The therapist can perform the tasks safely and effectively, while the patients can lie and roll over safely as well.

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