New Year’s activities and gathering of Novak M team

Novak M employees from Slovenia and Switzerland rounded up another successful business year with positive energy. In our offices in Komenda, we toasted to this year’s success and the challenges that awaits us next year. Then we spent a beautiful day in a pleasant company of colleagues in Goriška brda.

The end of the year is an ideal opportunity to meet with colleagues from Switzerland. Before the upcoming holidays we held a gathering at our offices in Komenda and toasted to the success of this past business year, while also started planning for the new challenges in the next year.

A three-day gathering was a great opportunity to have sales and marketing meetings as well, where we summarized the key actions that marked this past year in the company. We are proud of successfully introducing the new Day hospital chair ZeroG, which was positively accepted by the users. This “2 in 1” chair is a perfect solution for hospitals to safely transport their patients and make their recovery after surgery more comfortable.

After the meetings on Friday we took the bus to Goriška Brda to the House of Culture Šmartno, the renovated complex of three houses. There we were making the photograms – a photographic images made without a camera by placing objects directly onto the surface of a light-sensitive material. We split into groups and each member prepared his own creation. Then each created one more and we combined the photograms into a final group piece.

Teambuilding was an excellent opportunity for imaginative thinking and connecting with colleagues, which are crucial for great company performance. We rounded the evening with an amazing culinary experience at Hiša Marica (house Marica, named after grandmother Marica, who spoiled children with local dishes).

If you are interested in knowing how much fun we had, check out the highlights below.

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