Novak M at Marathon Franja Btc City 2019

Novak M never misses the Marathon Franja BTC City, but this year was a bit special. Besides our team members who participated the small Franja, we joined the Hofer family and school marathon with our children. “We’ll be here next year for sure!” say the youngest.

Just like every year, some members of our team joined Marathon Franja Btc City 2019. It is Slovenian biggest cycling event, 39th in a row. In the past weekend, 6 different routes joined all cyclists, professionals, fans and children.

The old Latin phrase says “Mens sana in corpore sano”, meaning “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Novak M encourages a healthy life style. As many years before, we again prove that beside hard work in our offices and production we take time for exercise and our health.

Over the past weekend our team members participated at two marathons. On Saturday, we joined the 22 km long Hofer family & school marathon for everybody with our children. We congratulate our youngest cyclists. Way to go!!

On Sunday we were cheering for our guys who cycled the small Franja, a 97 km route. It is not about competing, it is the atmosphere at such an event that is special, say our cyclists.

Congrats to all participants and many safe and sunny cycling kilometres!

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