Red Dot – a seal of quality | Novak M for 45 years

High quality of our products has never been a question since the beginning of our family business.

More than functionality

Novak M aims to provide customers with more than just functional products. We combine our technical expertise and industry experience with industrial design to produce medical equipment that is both high-quality and functionally designed.

Collaboration with Wilsonic design

After 2005, our company started to cooperate with a great industrial designer Nina Mihovec and her team in Wilsonic design.  They have remained our partners in the process of development and improvement of our products until today.

Our common search for better and innovative solutions led to four Red Dot Design Awards. They are a confirmation of our good work and represent important steps towards foreign recognition of our company.

  • Examination table S in 2009 (one of the first Red dot awards won in Slovenia)

“Medical table combining a high-quality, attractive design with increased functionality and modern technology.”

It convinces with its versatile functionality, high mobility and unrestricted access, which ensure smooth workflows during emergencies.«

»The reduced design shapes the elegant appearance of these treatment tables. They additionally impress with their ergonomic construction and intuitive handling.«

»The excellent safety and comfort features of the Stretcher X2 patient transport trolley provide a high level of user-friendliness and ergonomics.«

More than beauty

As Nina Mihovec, who was a Red Dot jury member herself in 2023, puts it: “It’s about creating products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also align with a company’s values and goals, leading to increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and, ultimately, business success.” Novak M remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that improve the quality of care for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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