Notice to our customers

In response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we would like to inform our customers that we are carefully following the current situation in Slovenia and elsewhere and we are making every effort to assure undisturbed performance of our business activities responsibly and in accordance with the preventive measures.

It has been already three weeks since the first measures were taken in our company and since March 13, 2020 they have been intensified. All business trips were cancelled, meetings take place as video conferences, supply and delivery are managed outdoors. Hand disinfectants and protective equipment such as gloves and masks are available for our employees, no more than five people should be in common places at once. All employees who can do their job at home are staying at home and we provided all the necessary IT devices to make it possible.

It is our priority to ensure our services and health of our employees at the same time. You can count on us that we will do our best in the current situation to dispatch and deliver the goods in the delivery period agreed. We are aware that we are a link in the chain that needs to fully support the healthcare workers in this time of crisis.

We wish you all the best and we hope to get through this difficult time together,

Novak M team

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