Novak M team at two 10km runs

It is the participating that counts, we like to say. But when participating comes with good results even better. Congratulations to our team member Jure, who achieved excellent results at both runs.

As we believe that exercise is very important for staying healthy, Novak M encourages our team members to be active. Exercise doesn’t benefit only our bodies, but also strengthens our minds.

Novak M running team participated at two 10 km runs in the past two weeks. On June1st, 2019 our team joined the Night run in Medvode, the main sport event of the three-day festival Medvode v gibanju. We are proud of our team member Jure who won the first place in his category (men under 30) and the second place over all. Congratulations!!

Last Saturday, on June 15th, our team took part at the Four bridges night run. A 10 km route crosses the four bridges over the Poljanska and Selška Sora Rivers in the beautiful medieval town of Škofja Loka. Despite the hot weather, only cooling down to 28° C at 9 pm, the runners gave their best. Jure was again among the best. He won the second place in his category and the sixth overall. Thanks also to all that cheered along the track encouraging them.

Congratulations to all and we wish you many personal challenges in the future!

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