Novak M team at Volkswagen 24th Ljubljana marathon

Running a marathon is always a challenge. Am I fit enough? Have I trained enough? Will I reach the finish line? That is why at Novak M, we are even more proud of our 12 runners who participated at the Volkswagen Ljubljana marathon.

24th time in a row, Ljubljana’s streets were swamped with Ljubljana Marathon runners. For the last five years, more than 20.000 runners from all over the world have participated the event each year. It is no wonder as the atmosphere is truly amazing.

10 Novak M team runners joined the 10 km Garmin run. 10K is considered a classic distance – far enough to test your limit and doable in a satisfying quick time even if you are not an experienced runner. With all the fans cheering along the whole route and encouraging music, our runners seemed to enjoy every second of it. Of course, a bit tired as they put their every strength in it, they passed the finish line with big smiles on their faces.

Everyone who reaches the finish line is the winner. Congratulations to all!

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