Operation »Covid19 – digitalization«

During COVID19 pandemic, our company Novak M has become well aware that it is crucial to be present on the internet. That is why we participated in »the public call for co-financing the investment in sales channel digitalization and presentation and marketing materials for promotion in foreign markets« (JPTT2020-COVID19) and successfully obtained co-financing of the Operation »Covid19 – digitalization«.

Not only our everyday lives are changing due to COVID19 pandemic, but also business operation. At Novak M, we know that in these circumstances our internet presence needs to be strengthened to increase our recognition and sales on foreign markets.

The intention and goal of the public call is to mitigate the consequences of Covid19 pandemic. It deals with the business internationalization of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises directing help to retaining/ finding new contacts with foreign customers and to ensure the conditions to promote products/services in foreign markets.

On the project Operation »Covid19 – digitalization«, we obtained financial resources to make a product presentation video for Stretcher SL. It was filmed in two different languages, English and German. This project was realized in collaboration with the excellent EkVisuals video team. We would also like to thank Medical center Iatros for generously lending us their premises.

Our Operation »Covid19 – digitalization« was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (www.eu-skladi.si).

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