Physiotherapist Manca Marc Globevnik is excited about Novak M products

An experienced Slovenian physiotherapist Manca Marc Globevnik chose Novak M products for her own practice. The new therapy table ensures perfect support to the practitioner, while her patients are excited about the comfort of the soft table top.

Manca Marc Globevnik is a recognized Slovenian physiotherapist who has treated Slovenian top sportsmen for several years. She treated the hokey lynx Anže Kopitar after breaking his ankle inside a skate. She was one of the physiotherapists who helped the Slovenian eagle Peter Prevc after a severe injury to his shoulder. A few years ago, she assisted Slovenian hockey team during world championship preparing the players for training and matches. She was always available for a regeneration massage or a therapy.

Top equipment is essential for a therapist to give his patients preventive treatments or to speed up their healing successfully. That is why Manca Marc Globevnik chose Therapy table Novak M. Besides all basic positions needed during treatment, the stable three- section table easily adjusts in a Jackknife position and if necessary, in Trendelenburg position.

“Every day I am more and more satisfied,” says therapist Manca. “The table is easy to use, perfectly adjustable and comfortable for me as well as for my patients.” As she always wants the best for her patients and tries to make them as comfortable during treatments as possible, Mrs. Globevnik chose a Face cushion from our wide selection of complementary products. The cushion gently supports patient’s face, prevents creases on the skin and adds to patient’s relaxation during treatment.

Are you looking for top equipment for your practice? Browse through our latest catalog for physiotherapy and rehabilitationcontact us and visit our showroom. Novak M team will gladly advise you on the right products.

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