Receive your Novak M gift on World Physiotherapy Day

At Novak M, we understand the crucial role physiotherapists play in terms of health and wellbeing of individual patients and the global population. On World Physiotherapy Day and throughout this September, we are happy to offer a gift with purchase of any massage or therapy table.

Receive your gift – a face cushion

Purchase any massage or therapy table from September 8th to September 30th and receive a special gift – a face cushion. It will help you ensure that the patient is perfectly comfortable in prone position, with their face resting in a breathing hole. The outcome of the treatment depends a great deal on the patient’s comfort, relaxation and safety.

Face cushion, an indispensable accessory

Place the face cushion to support your patient’s face and you’ll see it become an indispensable accessory in no time. »The face cushion gently envelops the face. It reduces the pressure on sinus and nasal cavities and the uncomfortable pressure on the throat when I perform manipulations on the cervical spine and need to apply more force when pressing downwards. My patients love the cushion and remind me in case I forget to use it!« says Simona Novak, physiotherapist at Physiotherapy Novak, Vransko.

World Physiotherapy Day 2021

World Physiotherapy Day 2021 focuses on rehabilitation, long COVID and physiotherapists’ role in recovery. People severely affected by Covid suffer from symptoms for a period of 12 weeks and longer. Safe and effective rehabilitation tailored to the individual and carried out at an appropriate pace is a crucial in their recovery.


A wide range of physiotherapy tables

Browse through our wide range of massage and therapy tables and select a model that will meet your every need. State-of-the-art design, exceptional functionality and reliability will improve the way you work and make sure your patients are fully satisfied with the comfort. Use the online configurator and contact our team for any further information.



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