Relaxation and comfort at the Reflexotherapy Rokanoga salon

Renewed Reflexotherapy Rokanoga salon from now on uses Therapy table S8 osteo by Novak M. The therapist is exited about the comfort and easy adjustments of the table. It guarantees her to adjust patient into the most comfortable and relaxed position which is crucial for performing reflexotherapy or spinal therapy.

Nurse and therapist Monika Sodja is responsible for establishing the natural balance of the physical, mental and emotional level of her patients. In IBI center in Kranj she renovated and equipped her Reflexotherapy Rokanoga salon with the best therapy table by Novak M. Therapy table S8 osteo is perfectly equipped top-quality table for more demanding therapies.

“When performing reflexotherapy or spinal therapy according to dr. Breus, we need to adjust the patient into the most comfortable position possible. Therapy table S8 osteo by Novak M allows us to do exactly that. Anytime during therapy, the patient can adjust the position by himself as well. This way we guarantee that our customers always feel relaxed and comfortable.” (Monika Sodja, 15. 6. 2018)

If you want only the best for your clients as well, check out our various products or make an appointment to visit our showroom. Novak M sales team will be glad to assist you with choosing the right equipment.


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