The sunny yellow fits in the Stimulus physiotherapy center perfectly

»Only when patients are completely relaxed, the therapy can bring the best results,« says the physiotherapist Primož Hostnik. That is why his premises are in bright colors and the new therapy table in the sunny yellow. As soon as you enter the practice, you feel the pleasant atmosphere and calmness.

Primož Hostnik holds a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. He combines the knowledge from manual therapy, sport physiotherapy and he was among the first to implement the interactive neurostimulation into Slovenian physio practice. With his wide range of experience in rehabilitation treatment and holistic approach, he has helped many patients, also professional athletes and multiple trauma patients.

To perform his work efficiently, the practitioner needs equipment he can rely on. That is why he chose Therapy table S Plus. The therapist appreciates the smooth height adjustment and the circular switch, which enable him to work without disturbance. The three-part head section enables complete relaxation of his patients’ back and shoulder girdle when lying in prone position. The wide oblong breathing hole in combination with a face cushion ensure the patient is comfortable. The face cushion is made of memory foam and completely adjusts the shapes of one’s face. The half roll and roll are two indispensable accessories and they match with the table’s color.

We wish Primož Hostnik many successfully performed therapies!

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