Together with you for 40 years (part 6) | Novak M

To penetrate the Swiss market – an ambitious, but not unreachable goal. Today, as ten years has passed since the establishment of Novak M Swiss, we are satisfied. Novak M Swiss has been growing constantly and our trade mark is gaining recognition on the Swiss market.

Exhibiting our products at Medica, the leading international trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany and entering foreign markets convinced Novak M that our high-quality products can compete in the Swiss market, too.

Novak M Swiss was founded in Lenzburg in 2009. Just as the famous Cicero’s quote says “The beginnings of all things are small.”, Novak M Swiss had to slowly fight its way. In 2012, the company moved to a new location to Dietikon in the canton of Zürich. In addition to the offices, the new premises include a nice showroom. If Novak M Swiss had focused on physiotherapy sales in the beginning, with Michael Segrada as the head of the office, the company shifted its focus to medical field especially hospitals and clinics. Sales activities increased immensely, products presentations and trials in hospitals in particular. From then on, Novak M Swiss has been growing constantly each year.

A great deal of effort was put into educating the Swiss costumers where Novak M comes from. Even if they hesitated at first as Slovenia was part of the former Yugoslavia, once they experienced our products all doubts disappeared. The high-quality, top-notch design and innovative solutions won them over. The Swiss customers expect a very fast reaction and a full service. Novak M Swiss is making every effort to provide it and support to their customers in every way.

Today, Novak M is still rather new on the Swiss market, but experience shows it is becoming a known trade mark. Over the past two years, Novak M Swiss office have been receiving customers who come to them as Novak M’s been recommended as a reliable partner. Novak M Swiss team can be proud of doing a great job!

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