Together with you for 40 years (part 4) | Novak M

“The world of medicine meets at Medica.” That is why Novak M has been part of it since 2005. Every year in November, you can visit us at our stand and see our products at the leading international trade fair.

In 2005 Novak M participated at the international Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, for the first time. That was an important step forward for our company as doors of foreign markets opened for us.

Medica Trade Fair represents the meeting point of the healthcare market as it has become the biggest event of this kind in 40 years. Participating at such a fair was a confirmation for Novak M that we manufacture high-quality and functionally designed medical equipment and can place ourselves on the world’s market. However, at the same time we faced many challenges. We found ourselves comparing with the best providers of medical equipment. The competition was much stronger as it was in Slovenia. The fair brought us in contact with the newest trends that our development department had to consider.

Entering the foreign markets was not so easy. We encountered problems with different languages, market specifics of each country and cultural differences. In time the company adjusted to new demands and started cooperating with dealers.  Medifix, a company from Netherlands, was one of our first dealers and we still cooperate successfully today.

Our mindset had to change, too. We needed to think broader and we were sure we had potential to develop through dedication and hard work. Our company was becoming more and more worldwide oriented with a clear vision and business direction. Today, Novak M still follows the newest trends and is in constant search for new solutions to support medical personnel and their patients.

As the official motto of Medica Trade Fair says: “The world of medicine meets at Medica. A must for anyone who wants to experience tomorrow’s healthcare market live.” Novak M has been a part of this story since 2005!

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