Together with you for 40 years (part 5) | Novak M

Red Dot Design Award is one of the the world’s most prestigious and recognisable design awards. Two of Novak M’s products won the Red Dot design award. It confirmed that industrial design is an important part in development and production of medical equipment.

High quality of our products has never been a question since the beginning of our family business. The close contact with our end-users, medical staff and their patients, gives us feedback which helps us to design and improve our products. However, Novak M wants to give our customers more than just a functional product. We combine our knowledge and experience with industrial design to produce high-quality and functionally designed medical equipment.

After 2005, our company started to cooperate with a great industrial designer Nina Mihovec, who won Big See designer of the year title in 2005, and her team in Wilsonic design. Our knowledge and experience combined with industrial design resulted in the new S line of our examination, therapy and massage tables.

In 2009, our Examination table S won a prestigious Red dot design award, a prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. It is one of the world’s largest and most renowned design competitions with more than 18,000 entries yearly from over 70 countries. This was also one of the first Red dot awards won in Slovenia. It was a confirmation of our work and also an important step towards foreign recognition of our company.

Wilsonic design team has remained our partner in the process of development and improvement of our products. Our cooperation has been very productive. Together we developed our Gynaecology chair N and treatment tables of the C line. Again, our cooperation proved to be successful as our Stretcher X was given the Red dot seal for product’s high quality design in 2017. Therapy chair ZeroG and an innovative Day hospital chair ZeroG as well as a small but very handy Face cushion are also products of joined efforts.

It is not just the appearance of the product, but how it functions, is manufactured and most importantly the value and experience it provides to the user. With that in mind, Wilsonic design remains our partner in search of better and innovative solutions in the future.

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