Examination and therapy tables support patient care at BrainCare

BrainCare, the leading center for concussion and sports neurology, in Zurich, Switzerland chose Novak M’s state-of-the-art examination and therapy tables.


The medical center, located in the heart of Zurich, specializes in early detection, diagnostics, and therapy for head injuries. The center caters to active individuals of all ages who have experienced concussions or suffer from ongoing symptoms like headaches, dizziness, vision impairments, or cognitive limitations. They focus on ensuring a safe return to sports, school, and work.

Customized diagnostics for optimal treatment

Novak M’s examination tables, featuring extended head section allowing a semi-sitting position and electric height adjustment, support thorough and accurate diagnostics. These features ensure the tables are both user-friendly and adaptable to various patient needs since at BrainCare, individual symptom-based diagnostics are key to creating customized treatment plans.

CONFIGURE examination table

Targeted therapy and rehabilitation & preventive measures

Rehabilitation and training are crucial for patients to return to daily activities swiftly and safely. By identifying risk factors and developing specific training recommendations, the center helps patients improve their performance and reduce the risk of future injuries. Novak M’s three-section therapy table S3 and four-section therapy table S4 provide versatile positioning options during treatments. The electric operation ensures therapists can work at the optimal height and 65 cm width allows for easy access to patients, promoting ergonomics and preventing strain.

CONFIGURE therapy table

For the highest standards of care

BrainCare is committed to providing exceptional patient care and we are pleased that Novak M examination and therapy tables can support their experts as well as patients on the journey back to health and well-being. Thanks to our Swiss dealer Hospimed!

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