World physiotherapy day – September 8

World PT day is an opportunity for all of us to show appreciation to all physiotherapists who work not only for the benefit of their patients but of the whole community. Many times, your work is priceless!

Supporting physiotherapists from the beginning

At Novak M, we have been producing medical tables for 40 years and we are well aware of the significant role physiotherapists play in individual’s recovery after a disease or injury. We also know how important it is that they are provided with good equipment. Our therapy tables are designed to provide full patient safety and comfort on one hand and full adjustability for the practitioner on the other. The tables provide a sufficient working surface, allow various patient positions and height adjustment, all in order to ensure practitioners full support and to avoid possible damage to their health.

World PT Day also affected by Covid-19 pandemic

This year’s World PT day focuses on rehabilitation after COVID-19 and the role of physiotherapists in the treatment and management of people affected by COVID-19. As experts in movement, physiotherapists can guide people in how exercise can help recovery. People severely affected by Covid-19 need rehabilitation and physiotherapy to recover from the disease and the effects of treatment. In given circumstances, World Physiotherapy encourages practitioners to use telehealth as a means to support patients in managing the impact of the disease and improve physical function.

Novak M is at your side

Covid-19 epidemic is changing our everyday lives. But still, some things remain the same. People are still in need of good physiotherapy treatments; we still produce top-notch therapy tables. Browse through the products on our web-site, use the configurator to customize tables according to your needs and wishes or contact us for additional information.


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