Bring treatment to a higher level

Novak M is a Slovenian family-owned and worldwide oriented company, providing designed medical equipment, which helps professionals and patients bring treatment to a higher level. Since 1979, every member of the team has been striving to combine industry expertise with innovative technology. Through excellent distribution networks worldwide we are working in close contact with the products’ end-users. This contributes to delivering high-quality medical equipment distinguished by a simple and clean design with patented solutions that provide full support at your work and great treatment experience. To help you choose a tailor-made product for your work, we introduced an easy to use the online configurator.

Together, we can help people live healthier and happier. The brand name has been rising through all these years. Achieving four separate Red Dot Design Awards, the first one in 2009 for Examination Table S, the second one in 2017 for Stretcher X, the award for outstanding design of the renewed S-line tables in 2020 and the fourth for Stretcher X2 in 2022, has made Novak M a well-known and recognized product line around the world.

Doctors, therapists and other medical personnel, who wish to have the best user experience, can turn to our great partners in more than 15 countries around the world. You are also invited to visit Novak M showroom in Slovenia, where the best sales team will gladly assist you in choosing the top-notch equipment that will help you devote your time entirely to your patients.

Honesty to oneself, employees and costumers

We value honesty. We believe that in the long term, a company and its employees can only make progress by honest work. Honoring our commitments is the corner stone we have been building on for 40 years. We are honest to ourselves and our employees, a fact that is also recognized by our suppliers and customers. We also act responsibly towards the society in general and the environment.

Diligence, contributing to human dignity

At Novak M, we believe that diligence has been crucial since the beginning of our family business. Labor is a value in and of itself. A job well done contributes to a sense of personal accomplishment and self-esteem. It helps preserve and strengthen human dignity of each individual. As an employer, Novak M therefore values each and every task carried out by its employees, no matter how small. Each tightened screw or e-mail sent is a small step towards joint success.

Commitment to one’s job and company

Long-term progress of each individual and organization as a whole is possible only by committed work. We believe that our employees’ commitment to their jobs and to the company brings better results. We also believe that the company continues to operate and expand precisely due to an ongoing commitment to the values that have constituted the foundation of our family company from its very beginnings.

Innovation, because we believe in progress

We believe in knowledge and progress. We believe that we can develop, produce and sell competitive products by implementing knowledge, our own innovativeness and a worldwide orientation. Only by being open towards new knowledge and findings, the company can create an open and modern working space for our employees and develop, produce and sell products and services that meet the needs of our products’ end users.

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