We understand you require a highly reliable and safe product so that you are able to give your full attention to your patients. In case your product needs repair, you don't have to worry. All products come with a warranty and the warranty can be extended for your added peace of mind.

3-year warranty on performance, construction and all electrical components

12-month warranty on upholstery

We guarantee the availability of all spare parts and offer repair service for 10 years.

Benefit from an extended warranty

Register your product and extend the warranty on the construction and electrical components of your product to 3+1 years. It’s also the best shortcut to expert support from the Novak M team.


Enjoy the benefits of product registration:

  • Extended warranty on product performance, construction and electrical components. The product must be registered in 3 months from the date of purchase.
  •  Registration also makes it easier to book a repair service appointment. Since all product information is gathered in one place, the conversation with the service team will be quick, clear and efficient.

Why register your product?

  • Extend your warranty
  • Easy access to support
  • Quicker service request, extended warranty duration and warranty conditions
  • All your product data in one place

How to register your product?

  1. Visit our REGISTRATION page.
  2. Fill in the blank spaces.
  3. Click on the REGISTER button to finalize the product registration process.
  4. You will receive the extended warranty certificate via email shortly.

Need help with product registration?

Maybe you can find your answer among the frequently asked questions or simply contact our customer support team.

How to claim the warranty?

To claim the product warranty, the original invoice is required. For more information about the service and how to report a fault, please follow this link.

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