FAQs – your questions answered

We have put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our products and services.

If you can’t find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Where can I see your products in person?

To see and try out our products you are welcome to visit our showroom at Novak M d.o.o., Pod smrekami 5, 1218 Komenda. We are open From Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 16.00. We advise you to make an appointment in advance.

We have a network of dealers and please contact the authorized dealer for your region to arrange for a visit at their showroom.

How do I get a quote?

The quickest way to get a quote is to send us an enquiry with the product configuration. Our online configurator, accessible from each product, allows you to customize your product, selecting the type of height adjustment, table top width, upholstery color and accessories. We are also available by email, online form or telephone.

What is the delivery period for your products?

The delivery period for our products is 3 to 4 weeks. Each product is tailor-made according to the customer's order. You can choose the width of the table top, the color of the upholstery and accessories.

Is there a dealer in my country?

We have dealers in most of the EU countries and elsewhere. Check our sales network.

What are the payment terms?

Since all our products are custom-made, a prepayment is required to confirm the order. For details contact our dealer for your region.

How is the delivery of your products arranged?

Our products are sold abroad through our representatives. Please contact their delivery team to arrange the delivery to your premises. Read more about the delivery.

Do your products need assembly after delivery?

No, the products don't need assembly. The delivered product is fully assembled and ready for use. Only the protective packaging needs to be removed. We recommend you read the User manual before the first use. Read more about the delivery.

What kind of warranty do your products come with?

All Novak M products come with a 36 – month warranty on performance, construction and electrical components and a 12 – month warranty on the upholstery. Read more about the warranty conditions.

How do the Basic models of examination tables differ from the standard S-line models?

S-Basic models differ from S-line models in the standard equipment they feature. There are four key points to it: the way the height is adjusted, the padding, the retractable castors, and the safe working load. Read more about the differences.

What are the main differences between the S-line treatment tables and the S basic models?

The main differences between the S line treatment tables and the S basic models in five key points: the design of the padding, the mechanism of the retractable castors, the increased safe working load, the way the height is adjusted and the three-part head section mechanism. You can find out more about these differences on our blog.

Why choose a height-adjustable examination or treatment table?

Height-adjustable tables protect the health of patients and practitioners. By adjusting the height of the table, safe access is ensured for the patient and the optimum working height for the practitioner. Practitioners can lower the table top when working seated, and lift it when they stand during treatments. Find out more about the benefits of height-adjustable tables.

Why is the circular switch for electric height adjustment on treatment tables better than the simple foot switch?

The greatest benefit of the circular switch on treatment tables is that it is accessible from all sides of the table and allows easy height adjustment. At the same time, it is safe to use and complies with the MDR standard and Bfarm requirements. Read more about the use and characteristics of the circular switch.

What is the main benefit of hydraulic height adjustment on treatment tables?

The main benefit of hydraulic height adjustment on treatment tables is that it is independent of the mains electricity supply and the availability of sockets. Hydraulic tables are particularly suitable for learning environments (e.g. University of Novo Mesto) where there are many tables in a room. Read more about hydraulic tables and their characteristics.

What are the benefits of the three-part head section on treatment tables?

The three-part head section allows a completely relaxing position of the patient lying in prone position. Their arms comfortably rest on lowered armrests.  Two types of three-part head sections are available. With Basic models the armrests adjust separately, while with other models both armrests adjust simultaneously. Fiind out more about the options and benefits of the three-part head section.

After treatment, clients complain about the imprints on their face. Do you have a solution?

The breathing hole can leave imprints on patient’s face during treatment. We recommend putting a face cushion below your patient’s face when treatment takes place in prone position. The cushions are ergonomically shaped and made of memory foam. Read more about the benefits and the use of face cushions.

What’s the difference between the soft and firm foam padding of treatment tables?

The difference between the soft and firm foam padding of treatment tables is in the foam structure, while the thickness is the same. The soft foam padding is intended for massages, while the firm foam padding offers better support for various manipulations in therapeutic treatments. Read more on the two types of treatment table padding.

What is the greatest asset of retractable castors on examination and treatment tables?

The retractable castors, which are activated if needed, give your treatment table full mobility, whether you are repositioning the table in the room or cleaning the floor. Otherwise, the table stands firmly on its 4 feet and provides perfect stability during treatment sessions. Read more on the usefulness of retractable castors.

Why would I need a battery backup (BB) on the treatment table?

An additional battery on treatment tables provides backup for any power outage. It ensures  a smooth treatment flow until the end and a safe dismounting of the patient. Read more about the benefits of battery backup on treatment tables.

Can I order upholstered accessories such as a roll and half-roll in the same color as the treatment table?

Yes, rolls and half-rolls can be ordered in all available colors to add a final touch to your ambience. Follow the link to find out more on the use of accessories for massage studios and physiotherapy practices and check the available colors.

What types of mattresses are available with Stretcher X2?

With the patient transport trolley Stretcher X2 you can choose between two types of mattressess: transfer mattress with handels and non-slip mattress. Both are available in three different thicknesses. Read more about stretcher mattresses and their use.

What is the difference between a star-shaped and a round base of the medicine stool?

The main difference between the star-shaped and a round base lies in the benefits the base brings to you while doing your job. With a star-shaped base you can get very close to your patient, while on a round base you can rest your feet. Read more about the stools.

What is the difference between color charts 1 and 2?

The two color charts differ in color shades, texture and manufacturer. In both cases, the imitation leather is durable and of high quality and is intended for medical use. See the color charts.

Do Novak M medical equipment comply with the required standards for medical devices?

All Novak M medical equipment comply with the European regulation MDR and all required standards. A detailed list of all standards can be found on the individual product page under the CE icon and more about the quality system can be found here.

How do I choose the right examination table for my doctor’s office?

Before choosing the examination table for your doctor’s office, give a great deal of thought to what you actually need, how you work and who your patients are. Consider the 5 key elements. You can also configure the table according to your requirements and choose the upholstery color among 40 colors of imitation leather.

Which treatment table do you recommend for manual therapy?

For manual therapy, we recommend choosing between the two-section Massage Table S2, which offers an exceptional lying surface, and the Therapy Table S3 if you place your patients in the Jacknife position during treatments. With optional accessories (three-part head section, firm foam padding, etc.), you can further customize the table to suit your needs. Here you can find an overview of all massage and therapy tables with configurators.

What treatment table model would you recommend for a massage studio?

We recommend you choose one of our massage table models that offer a wide and comfortable table top. Massage tables are available with 2- and 3-section table top. If your treatments require to place your clients in a comfortable sitting position or the Jacknife position, check our range of therapy tables too.

Can one treatment table support both cosmetic and massage treatments?

Therapy table S3 can support both cosmetic treatments and massages. The three-part table top allows a sitting position and a comfortable lying position for massages. Configure Therapy table S3 so it fits your needs. Customize it with accessories such as three-part head section, paper roll holder, additional battery and more. More about a cosmetic and massage table in one.

How should I care for the upholstery of the treatment table?

The best way to take care of the upholstery of your treatment table is to clean it regularly after each treatment. To do this, use a soft cloth and water or soapy water. You can find out more about cleaning the treatment table here.

What can I do to protect the upholstery of my treatment table?

To protect the upholstery of the treatment table, cover it with paper, a sheet or a towel. A PVC cover for the leg section is also very useful to protect it from dirt. Read more about treatment table accessories that will help you keep the upholstery nice and shiny.

How do I remove oil residues from the upholstery of a massage table?

To remove oil residues from the massage table upholstery, use a mixture of soap and water. Use a soft sponge or cloth, then rinse with clean water and leave it to dry off. After each treatment, check for any oil drops on the upholstery and remove it. Read more about the maintenance of your massage table’s upholstery.

What do I do if the upholstery of my treatment table is damaged?

The upholstery on a treatment table can be replaced entirely or only on a damaged section. With old tables, the color of the new upholstery might not match. We recommend that the entire upholstery is replaced.

How do I arrange a service appointment?

Our products are sold abroad through our representatives and they offer repair services as well. Please contact your dealer and arrange a service arrangement with their technicians’ team. Read more about service.

What is good to know when arranging a service appointment?

To offer you the appropriate repair service as quick as possible, please find the silver label with a serial number (SN) on the product. Tracing your product, will help the service team identify the fault faster. Find more about the silver label.

Where is the silver label located on the product?

The silver label is located on the product's base. It measures 4,2 cm x 10 cm and features the UDI code and other important data about the product. Read more about the silver label.

How do I arrange a repair service if I bought the table from your dealer?

All our dealers provide service for all our products. Please contact our dealer for your region. Check the list of our authorized dealers.

Can the padding of my treatment table be replaced?

Yes, the padding of a treatment table can be replaced. Before the replacement, we first determine what the damage is and whether a partial replacement is possible. By using the color chart samples, you can choose the color of the upholstery that suits best. Within a week, we produce the new padding and your dealer's service team will arrange for replacement at your location.

Is my product still covered by the warranty?

You can check the warranty period of your product on the Basic Warranty that came with the product. Read more about the warranty.