Complementary products for physiotherapy and massage treatments

Additional available products for physiotherapy and rehabilitation perfectly complement the therapy, treatment and massage tables offered to you by Novak M. They help you provide both, a relaxing position to your patients and perfect compliance of your workplace.

Different equipment for complete harmony

The right choice of supplementary physiotherapy products is as important as equipping your facility with treatment, therapy or massage tables. We designed indispensable therapy equipment that offers comfort and support to both, patients and therapists.

A roll and a half-roll help with recovery

To provide the ultimate comfort to your patient, you can use a roll or a half-roll. Both are a valuable piece of equipment in a therapy or rehabilitation program. By using a roll during patients’ recovery, you can help them improve performance and flexibility, reduce recovery time and soreness.

The roll and the half-roll are available in more than 30 colors of top-quality imitation leather from the best European manufacturers. With so many different shades available, you can easily find the one that perfectly matches other products in your facility.

white half-roll on treatment table at wellness center

Face cushion for special care of the patient’s face

When your patients are lying in a prone position during treatments, it is of utmost importance that they feel completely relaxed and comfortable, as their face is resting in the breathing hole. The maximum comfort was already achieved with improved 2nd generation of S-line therapy and massage tables. The edges of a breathing hole on these tables are padded with memory foam to offer gentle support for the face.

If you wish to bring treatment to a higher level and offer your patients the best user experience, you can choose one of our face cushions, made of two-layer memory foam. The cushion was designed to fit faces of all shapes and sizes as well as different types of breathing holes on treatment tables. They additionally prevent undesirable prints on the skin, so the ultimate comfort is guaranteed. The washable textile cover made from cotton and spandex fiber is available in white and blue colors.

woman lying in a prone position, while her face is supported by a face cushion

Have additional questions?

If your questions did not get answered and you’re looking for more information about the available color charts, you can contact our sales team. They will gladly help you and together you can plan your visit to Novak M showroom in Komenda as well.

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