How to properly clean and care for the upholstery of your therapy table

The upholstery of Novak M tables is made of high-quality imitation leather, which is ensured by our suppliers Ferrari, France and ATN and AKV International, Germany. In addition to fire and water resistance, the leather is also highly resistant to blood, urine, disinfectants, salt water, UV rays, microorganisms and mould.

As the responsible producer of your examination, massage or therapy table, we recommend to care for the upholstery regularly. This way you can prevent leather from cracking and extend its life span. Here are some cleaning tips.

  • To clean the upholstery, use a mixture of soap and water and wipe with a microfiber cloth. For more stubborn marks wash it with a soft brush or sponge. The water shouldn’t have more than 50°C and the mixture should not include more than 10% of soap. Then rinse with clean water and leave it to dry.
  • Blood stains and residues of massage oils and lotions should be removed as soon as possible. Remove blood stains with cold water and for oils use PH-neutral soap.
  • Do not use detergents, abrasives, strong soap, bleach or scouring agents.
  • After the use of disinfectant, wipe with a clean wet cloth. Use only one disinfectant at once.
  • To additionally protect the upholstery, we recommend you to cover it before the treatment. The PVC cover for the leg section and paper roll holder are available among our accessories. The paper roll holder can be mounted under the head or leg section and with some tables at the table’s base.

If you have been using our tables for a long time and the upholstery is already damaged, we can replace it. Our guys can come, remove the padding and once the upholstery is replaced maybe in a new color, they mount it back. If you have any additional questions, our team will gladly help you. Contact us or visit us in our showroom.

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