We understand that a malfunctioning product means a disruption to your patient care process. We’ll make an extra effort to resolve the issue quickly.

Your satisfaction with our products is our top priority!

In case of your Novak M product needs repair, please contact your dealer and arrange a service appointment. Click here for the list of our representatives in more than 20 countries around the world.

How to prepare for your service appointment

Please find a silver label on your product. The silver label contains key product information such as:

– model

– product name

– product serial number

– month and year of manufacture

These data allow the service team to trace your products. It helps them identify the fault faster and provide you with the appropriate repair service.

Read more about the warranty period for our products.

Where is the silver label located?

Examples of silver labels:

Hand switch issue you can solve yourself

If you are experiencing unusual beeps when using the hand switch and the table does not lift or lower to the desired position, carry out a motor initialization procedure.

Follow these instructions:

– Lift the table to the maximum height

– Lower the back section to its lowest position

– Lift the seat section to the uppermost position

Even if the table sections do not move, hold the buttons on the switch according to this procedure. If the problem persists, most likely a fault has occurred. Contact your dealer for service!

If your table is of an older date, the procedure is slightly different. Call us and we’ll talk you through it.

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