A partnership that counts | SVG Medizinsysteme & Novak M

Meet our partner SVG Medizinsysteme, who supplies Novak M products to physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities in Germany. SVG is based in Mühlacker, in the south of Germany.

SVG – synonym for sport, vitality and health

SVG Medizinsysteme GmbH has been providing equipment to therapy facilities for almost 25 years. From single-practitioner physical therapy practices with only one treatment table to large rehabilitation facilities with a variety of available equipment. The first priority is always to provide customers with detailed, needs-oriented advice and to focus on delivering a wide range of high-quality products.

entire SVG team

Comprehensive supplier for physiotherapy

Everything from a single source – of course while observing the highest quality standards. This is the mission SVG has been following up to this day and Novak M has proven to be a competent partner in doing so. “The focus on durable, high-quality products is what we have in common” reveals Hannes Kümmerle, SVG Managing Director. “Therapy tables are the linchpin of any practice. Novak M treatment tables meet the high standards for reliability and practicality placed on us by our valued customers in this regard.”

Partnership for the future

Continuing into the future, SVG Medizinsysteme GmbH will remain a reliable partner for physiotherapists, enabling them to make sound and long-term investments in their practice with high-quality therapy tables from Novak M.

At Novak M, we are pleased that a strong relationship has been built over the years. We are looking forward to future collaboration since we know we can rely on their professionalism and expertise.

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