A partnership that counts | Dermat Medical Supplies & Novak M

Novak M’s Belgian exclusive partner is Dermat Medical Supplies, which prides themselves with more than 30-year tradition. They are a big supplier of medical equipment and devices to hospitals, doctors, medics and paramedics specializing in dermatology supplies.

A partnership is born

Dermat Medical Supplies started in 2008 as the market leader for dermatology in Belgium on the business plan ‘to keep what is good and to explore new but familiar markets as hospital furniture’. Therefore, we needed reliable, innovative and long-lasting partnerships.” That is how the story of Novak M and Dermat Medical Supplies’ story was born.

dermat building

Full support for their customers

Dermat Medical Supplies’ customers can rest assured that their reliable partner will always try to find a solution for their needs. They supply the state-of-the-art medical equipment, devices and furniture and disposables for everyday use. But their services extend far beyond. Their professional and competent team offer design and installation services for both small medical practices and large hospitals, as well as technical support. Their technical department is available for repair, replacement and maintenance at client’s premises at any time.

A strong partnership

We as Dermat Medical Supplies are proud to say that after all these years Novak M still is the reliable, innovative and long-lasting partner that we needed in the beginning and that we still need. We think and are even convinced that our partner thinks the same about us. There were good years, there were less good years but the power of a long-lasting relationship is that you swim in all waters together: the cold ones, the hot ones, the deep ones, the easy ones, the rough ones… Let’s keep swimming together, oceans are enough 😊…” they say at Dermat Medical Supplies.

dermat team with Jakob


At Novak M, we are pleased with the strong partnership that has been built over the years. We like to work with Dermat Medical Supplies on their projects, large and small, because they are characterized by their professionalism, expertise and reliability. May it last!

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