The therapist’s health comes first

Therapist or masseurs use their entire body when they work. Their body is like a tool to help other people regain their well-being. Taking care of their own health is the basis for their job.

The priority

When we think of a therapist or masseur, we first think of a treatment that relieves the patient of pain, relaxes their muscles, and restores their lost functionalities. Rarely, however, do we think of therapist’s troubles and pains caused by the nature of their job. In the story of a young therapist and masseuse Tanja Čufer, you can read about a similar first-hand experience, and today we ‘ll focus on preventing health issues by the right equipment.

How a therapy table can affect your work

When choosing equipment for your physiotherapy practice or massage studio, patient comfort is certainly your first concern. But, you will be the one spending every day, every week at the table. So make sure you choose a therapy table that will fully support your treatments.

Electrically adjustable table

You will relieve your body the most and avoid incorrect postures if you make sure that you perform treatments at the appropriate height at all times. An electric therapy table allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the table for each treatment and during it. This creates the conditions for proper body mechanisms.

The width of the therapy table

Choose the width of the table with regard to the treatments you perform. If you need to be above the patient for many manipulations, choose a narrower table. This will make it easier for you to control your movements and reach the patient.


Stool – support and comfort

You perform several treatments in one workday, but you don’t have to spend them all standing on your feet. By using a practical stool, you will get very close to your patients and rest your legs and spine at the same time.

The Novak M team is at your disposal

If you need help, our experienced team will be happy to guide you and help you choose a therapy table to fit your specific needs. Trust the 40 years of experience and two Red Dot awards our examination, massage and therapy tables have received!

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