A good massage table is a half way to success

»The new massage table has turned my life upside down and made me exceedingly happy. Not only me, my customers too. What additional stimulus for my job I got with the table, I feel more qualified, more professional, on a higher level…« says Tanja Čufer.

Tanja Čufer explained from her own experience how important it is to have good equipment for the job you do. She started her carrier as a masseuse, but has become a yoga teacher and a therapist as she invests in her own education. She does her job with love and dedication. She says that together with her profession she has chosen the truth, beauty, health, happiness and light, which reflects in every treatment, smile and encouragement.

A simple massage table for a start

“I bought a simple massage table in the beginning of my career. That was what I could afford,” Tanja begins her story. She was successful and she had more and more clients. She remembers feeling bad because the table was many times to narrow, for her male clients in particular, or too short and the breathing hole too little. “My clients just came for my healing hands and didn’t care much about the table, but I did,” she says.

Enthusiasm and youth are not enough

“A beginner is always enthusiastic and eager to work, but that is not enough to keep and protect their health,” says Tanja today and regrets that nobody warned her. After two years, she noticed the first back pain. She could adjust the height of her massage table, but she needed to lift it, turn it on the floor and un-tighten and tighten the screws on each leg. It was time consuming and complicated. “My back was constantly bent. Then I lifted the height of the table which was an even greater mistake,” she explains. Then she could not use the weight of her body and consequently started to massage with her fingers. It began with an inflammation of one finger, two fingers, then hands and ended with an inflammation of whole arms and back. The recovery was painful and long-lasting.

masseuse giving a massage to her client

A decision had to be made

Tanja was aware that she was too young for such damage to her health. She attended a seminar with a Syrian teacher at the time, which contributed to a final decision. “The complex technique featured manipulations and articulations I knew my former table could not bear. It was a decisive momentum. My knowledge and skills called for a new massage table,” she explains. “I browsed the internet and even by the looks, Novak M tables were the most convincing. After my friend’s recommendation and after visiting your showroom, where I could try out the products, I knew what I wanted,” Tanja brings her story to the end.

Massage table S was the choice

The table with 75 cm in width and 200 cm in length is now wide and long enough for her clients and the padding is thicker and more comfortable. The greatest benefit is undoubtedly the electric height adjustment. She can now adjust the height for every client. “The back pain is gone and I am even more enthusiastic to do my job,” says Tanja. More about the benefits of her new massage table, you can read here.

Are you at the starting point of your carrier as a massage or physical therapist?

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