Design your own massage or therapy table

You can easily explore our wide selection of massage and therapy tables in the online configurator. Browse through various models in one place and find what best suits your needs best.

Choose the right therapy or massage table

It is not that easy a task to choose the right equipment that will provide good working conditions for your job in the following years. It is a decision you have to give some time and thought to. In our online configurator, you can quickly identify the must-have features of your therapy table, choose all the necessary accessories as well as the right color.

… among different models

In the first step narrow down the selection of tables suitable for your work by answering the following questions:

  • How many sections should the table have?
  • Do you place your clients in a seated position?
  • What kind of height adjustment do you prefer? Do you access your clients from all sides of the table?
  • Do you place your clients in different positions, including the Jackknife position?
  • Would you like the table to have the option of a three-part head section?

With the answers, you can filter the tables easily and find a model that best supports your needs, those of your clients and treatment requirements.


… with the right equipment

All massage and therapy tables are height-adjustable and feature retractable castors. They have comfortable padding and the head section includes a breathing hole with memory foam. For each model, you can choose  width, either 65 cm or 75 cm. There is a wide range of accessories available to further customize the table so it perfectly provides for the tasks you perform in your practice. By clicking on the selected accessory in the configurator, it will be visually displayed on the table.

… and in the most beautiful color

Choosing an upholstery color is the nicest part of the configurator. There are more than 25 colors available. Try them all and maybe a color you’d never think of will prove to be the right one. Let your choice help create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in your premises.


Only a few clicks and the table can be yours

Visit our online configurator and explore different models from the comfort of your living room. Save configurations to your user account for easy comparison. Then simply send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In case you need additional information, our team is at your service.

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