Treatment tables by the numbers

Prioritize durability, professionalism, and client care and choose Novak M treatment table to establish a solid foundation for long-term success of your practice.

Durability and construction

The steel construction ensures longevity, and it is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in therapeutic or healthcare environment. Treatment tables feature a safe working load of 250 kg which is sufficient to support patients of different sizes without compromising safety or structural integrity.


It is crucial for a treatment table to accommodate various treatment modalities and patient needs. Practitioners can choose between 65 and 75 cm wide tabletop, whichever suits better for their job. All treatment tables are height adjustable to support therapists at work and patients settling on the table. Depending on the model, the height adjustment range is between 49-96 cm or 53-100 cm.

To help practitioners provide comfortable and effective care, they can choose from a range of different models: from a simple 2-section table with a rich and comfortable lying surface, 3-, 4- or 8- section therapy tables that allow Jackknife and other positions to Bobath tables with 100/120 cm wide lying surface for rehabilitation.


Comfort and padding

Patient comfort during treatment, particularly if the sessions are longer, is paramount. Treatment tables feature 8 cm thick 2-layer-foam padding. Practitioners can choose between soft foam padding (highly flexible, quick-recovery foam HR35 (4 cm, 35kg/m3) for more comfort or firm foam padding (highly flexible, quick-recovery foam PG40 (4 cm, 40kg/m3) that is more responsive and thus more appropriate for physical therapy. The head section features a standard breathing hole cca 24cm x 9 cm to support faces of all shapes and sizes. Optionally, you can choose a three-part head section.


All treatment tables feature retractable castors as part of standard equipment. This allows a lot of flexibility in arranging treatment spaces and provides convenience for practitioners. The Ø 75 mm castors are released by a simple push on a lever.

Choose the best to fit your needs

Numbers that have been mentioned say a lot, but not all. Visit our showroom and try them out. Feel the comfort and ease of use and see what other additional equipment we offer. Contact our sales team, they will gladly answer all your questions.

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