Experience elegant mobility with Novak M treatment tables

Having firm and stabile treatment table for massage, therapy and medical examinations is a must. It is essential for every practitioner to rely on the table so they can do the job properly, quickly and efficiently. S-line tables by Novak M can meet every staff’s need regarding stability and at the same time also offer mobility when needed.

Stability is the key feature in treatment

The construction of all tables by Novak M is designed for strength and stability. It stands firmly on four rubber feet, so you can rest assured that the table will be perfectly still during examinations and all kinds of treatments. Due to the impressive safe working load of up to 250 kg, the table won’t move or bend so it offers a suitable lying surface for all kinds of patients.  Despite all this, S-line tables also offer amazing mobility, when needed, and you probably wonder, how was this achieved.


Mobility for the best user experience

All examination, massage and therapy tables S-line are equipped with four small retractable castors for simple and effortless movements around the room. You simply press on the foot lever to activate them or to get the table back on its rubber, firm feet. Due to the innovative solution, the shock absorber on the castors’ system, the release and lifting is very soft.

Activating the castors is perfect, when you are cleaning your practice or if you need to move the table in order to get extra space at your practice. The practitioners are thrilled about this feature. “We keep the tables against the wall, and then pull them to the center of our rooms for each treatment. They are very easy and smooth to move,” was impressed Suzanne Rothe from Ostéopathie Plein-être, Canada.


Are all your questions answered?

Still looking for an extra tool to help you make the right decision? Online configurator might be the thing for you. Feel free to contact us, as Novak M sales team is always glad to help.

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