Therapy table S8 enables excellent work ergonomics

“It’s always easy to find a comfortable position to work from, and I don’t even have to think about it,” says Suzanne Rothe from Ostéopathie Plein-être that provide osteopathic services to a general clientele in Longueuil, Québec, Canada.

Ostéopathie Plein-être making the right decision

The staff at the clinic Ostéopathie Plein-être are excited by the new therapy tables and the benefits they bring to their treatment rooms. Thanks to our Canadian partner Remington Medical, they say they have found just what they have been looking for. “Our decision to choose Novak M was made easily and confidently thanks to the online resources and thanks to Remington Medical, who was available and responsive to me as a client. Before contacting Remington Medical, trying to buy an osteopathic table was like wandering around in a desert begging for water from rocks.”

Fully equipped tables to make osteopath’s professional work easier

Therapy tables S8 are 4-section tables featuring a three-part head section and foldable side wings. They allow practitioners to fully adjust client’s position and get as close to patients as possible. “Our osteopaths love the tables because they make our physical and manual work easier on our own bodies, with their easily adjustable height, angles, and options, as well as the all-around toe bar for height adjustment. It’s all about respecting the osteopath as a highly trained professional who deserves work equipment worthy of their practice.”


In perfect widths

With the chance to work ergonomically in the right position, it is much easier to carry out effective treatment and deliver results to people whose mobility and body comfort are compromised. The tables in their treatment rooms are in two different widths. Besides easy access to patients, the narrower table helps make the smaller treatment room more functional and attractive, while the wider one makes treatments of heavier patients easier.

Best user experience

We are pleased to receive feedback that our products offer full support to practitioners at Ostéopathie Plein-être. Thank you for placing the trust in our products and special thanks also to our partner Remington Medical.

If you are looking for a treatment table that would meet the needs of your manual therapy practice, browse through our offer on-line, use our configurator to tailor the table to your needs and contact our sales team.

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