Massage and therapy tables with hydraulic height adjustment

Ergonomic construction, innovative solutions and exceptional stability are impressive qualities of massage and therapy tables by Novak M. The tables have been known for years for their ease of use and top-quality so that practitioners can work efficiently, while their patients enjoy complete comfort. Therapists can now choose to equip their practice with hydraulic models of massage and therapy tables by Novak M as well.

Simple adjustments and easy positioning

A massage or a therapy table is a piece of equipment, where your patients must feel 100 % safe and comfortable on.  If one wishes to regulate the height of the table hydraulically, Novak M offers two- and three-section massage tables with superior design. There is also a hydraulic three-section therapy table available for more demanding treatments.

The height of the massage or therapy table can be simply regulated by pressing a foot pedal on either side of the table. To adjust the table to its lowest position, which allows the patient to access the table safely, you push the pedal slightly up. When you want to raise the table, you need to press the foot pedal repeatedly. This way you can adjust the appropriate working height not to cause harm to your health.

hydraulic height adjustment by pressing the pedal on massage table

Superior massage and therapy tables to support treatment

If a therapist wishes to carry out work safely and efficiently, they should not make compromises on stability and functionality. Massage and therapy tables S impress with a standard safe working load of 250 kg and firm rubber feet, so you can rely on the table not to move or bend, even when you apply stronger pressure during treatments.

Your clients will be completely relaxed and comfortable during treatments on one of the massage or therapy tables since they are upholstered with 8 cm thick padding and two-layer foam. The whole lying surface is even wider due to the padding finished at a right angle, so your clients can safely roll over from back to the stomach or vice versa. While lying in a prone position, the patient’s face will comfortably rest in the breathing hole with memory foam.

Choosing a tailor-made massage or therapy table

If you mostly perform treatments, where your clients are lying in a prone position, Massage table S2 – hydraulic is a perfect choice. For greater positioning flexibility there is a three-section Massage table S3 – hydraulic available. The head and leg sections are manually adjustable, while the back section is fixed. The table can provide a comfortable sitting position if you lift the sitting section, which can serve as a backrest.


Therapy table S3 – hydraulic allows you to easily set your patient in many different positions, such as half-seated, sitting, Jackknife and even (Anti-)Trendelenburg position. You can regulate all three table sections by simply pressing the levers beneath.

Do you need to equip your practice?

With the help of our online configurator, you can tailor the table according to your need. For additional questions and information, the Novak M sales team is always available and glad to help. You can also visit our showroom in Komenda, where you will be able to see massage and therapy tables in person.

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